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I have been a premier seller of shark teeth since 1999. All fossils on this site are my personal finds. I do not buy and re-sell Megalodon Teeth.
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08/20/14- 15 New Megalodon Shark Tooth Necklaces added to our Shark Tooth Necklaces Page.

08/06/14- For Shark Week, 40 Megalodon Tooth added to our Megalodon Tooth Sale Page


I am a diver that finds prehistoric shark teeth and other fossils in the muddy waters of coastal Georgia. As a college instructor I got hooked on diving 25 years ago and now I spend my time diving for these Megalodon Shark Teeth from millions of years ago.




If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at or call me at 912-656-2920. -Bill





Featured Products

ca045 - Collector Megalodon Shark Tooth
This is a nearly flawless Megalodon tooth. The enamel is in great condition and the root could not be nicer. The tip and serrations are super sharp and just about every serration is intact. It is a killer Megalodon shark tooth at a great price.

Added: 2013-10-30
L1 L2
4.30" 4.25"
[ more info.. ]
$259.00 $220.15

FC1131 - Bargain Megalodon Shark Tooth
This is a very nice Megalodon shark tooth. It's enamel is in great condition and the serrations are sharp and intact. This tooth has a nice shape to it. It's root is mostly intact. This is a nice tooth for at a good price!

Added: 2013-11-10
L1 L2
2.72" 2.59"
[ more info.. ]
$60.00 $51.00

ca001 - Collector Megalodon Shark Tooth
This is a beautiful giant lower Megalodon tooth. The gray enamel is flawless and looks great next to the black bourrelet and brown root. It is a killer massive lower Megalodon tooth at a great price.

Added: 2013-10-13
L1 L2
5.27" 5.05"
[ more info.. ]
$550.00 $467.50

cc011 - Bargain Megalodon Shark Tooth
This is a large, super sharp lower Megalodon tooth at a great price. The enamel and root are in very nice condition and the serrations are super sharp. Free worldwide shipping on this tooth.

Added: 2013-12-11
L1 L2
3.63" 3.21"
[ more info.. ]
$100.00 $85.00



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These Museum Megs are not perfect but they are in the top 2% of all of the shark teeth that I have found.




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I provide free information about the tooth that you are purchasing. All Megalodon Tooth Orders will receive:

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Free Priority Shipping on All U.S. Purchases.
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I am getting a lot of phone calls from people asking similar questions. These include questions like :

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Photo Dive bLOG


Every few weeks I will show my latest finds and share my diving experiences.

to see my latest addition.



Shark Tooth Necklaces


to see our

Shark Tooth Necklaces.



To purchase a display stand or the Mark Renz book "Hunting the Hunter" Click either photo.




Megateeth in the Media
(Articles and Interviews)


January 2014

Megateeth Fossils Featured in Article in

Sporting Classics Magazine






Richmondhillgalive interviewed me for their website. See the interview here.


August 2013 -
Radio Megateeth

I was invited onto the Morning Show with Bill Edwards and Laura Anderson to discuss diving for Megalodon Teeth and Shark Week.

Click here to Listen.



August 2013

The Savannah Morning News interviewed Bill an article about Megateeth Fossils and Diving in the Savannah Area.




For advice on what to look for when choosing your shark tooth, go to our

Collectors Guide


October 2012

Liberty Life published an article about Megateeth Fossils and Diving for fossils.




June 2012

Skinnie Magazine from Savannah wrote an article about diving for shark teeth.


January 2012

A Prehistoric Pastime



December 2011

Connect Savannah published an article on my fossil diving adventures.


In August 2011 Stywe Lyne Tightlines ran an article about Megateeth Fossils titled "Mother of All Sharks"  


Reflections Magazine published an article on my dives for Megalodon Teeth.


Megateeth Hunter

A local magazine wrote a 7 page article on Megateeth Fossils
and my search for Megalodon Teeth.

Click the photo above to see a copy of the article.


My Contribution to the Mark Renz Book

Megalodon Hunting The Hunter

Back in 2001 when Mark Renz was writing Hunting the Hunter he asked me to write two sections for his new book on Diving for Megalodon Teeth. To read what I wrote for Hunting The Hunter

It is taken from the South Carolina section of Chapter 7.

Finding Fossil Dive Sites and Fossil Diving Hazards.


  I am often asked what to look for when purchasing a Megalodon Tooth. I have posted this Collectors Guide to answer some of these questions. Click the photo to the left to view the guide.


The Coastal Courrier wrote an article on my search for fossils. To read it




Below is an excerpt from an interview of Megateeth customer Steve Britton that was published in the Sunday Oct 20, 2002 edition of the London Times.

Click Here to read the full article.

"The service from these guys in the States is second to none. On one occasion I bought two teeth from They didn't turn up, so my contact offered to wait a week and send two better replacements. If the originals turned up and I didn't want them, he would pay for the carriage back to the States, or I could purchase them then. We could learn lessons about service from our cousins across the water."



6.92" Giant Megalodon Tooth

See my latest find a 6.92" Top Quality tooth. The photo to the right shows it next to a 5" Megalodon Tooth.

Click here to see all of the photos.




In 2006 a friend's grandaughter found a flawless Mastodon tooth off her boat dock. The Bryan County News wrote an article on her amazing find and interviewed me about the significance of the tooth.


You Can read the article





My friends Mike and Zsuzsanna took some great photos of a recent dive.



PHOTOS from the

2010 Tampa fossil Fest


2009 Photo Dive Log

People often ask me to show what I find from day to day so I decided to start keeping a photo dive log of my finds. If anyone has any questions e-mail me at and I will try to answer them here.



2010 Venice Beach Shark Tooth Festival

My friend Joshua took these photos at the Venice Shark Tooth Festival.

Everyone had a great time.

To see the photos from Venice FL



Dive Trip Photos I

A friend recently asked me about the equipment that I use to dive for teeth. Click a photo above to see what it is like to be on the boat during a dive.



Dive Trip Photos II

People ask to see photos of what it is like to dive for shark teeth.

Because of the zero visibility, it is impossible to photograph the dives, but I see some cool things above the water that I decided to share.

Click the photo to the left to see our



See Photos from the 2009
Tampa Fossil Fest



I am often asked to show some of the teeth in my collection.

Click HERE to see some of the teeth in my collection.



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Except for our teeth that are labeled as "Polished" or "Composite", we do not restore or repair our fossils any way. We are fossil shark tooth collectors first and want you to enjoy fossil collecting as much as we do. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 912-656-2920 .



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NEW!! "Scenes and Seas"

"Scenes and Seas"

Stretched Canvas, Limited Edition, hand signed & numbered Photos from my dives. Click Photos.
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